Abstract Architecture



We work with you to achieve the best layout and aesthetic.

Planning Application

We define the strategy with you and then we require a pre-planning meeting with your council to check with them if the application it`s likely to be accepted, or if they require any changes.

We submit and follow up with the officer on your behalf until the consent it`s granted.

Please note that also Permitted Development needs an application for the LDC.

Building Regulation Drawings

We prepare the BR drawings and submit to the Building Control.

If there are controversial details we work with them to achieve the best solution.

Please note that the certificate of completion, given from the Building Control, it is necessary when you sell the house.

Construction drawings

Detailed drawings, are needed to get a lump sum quote from the contractor.


A list and description of all the elements to be used to make the house (ie. Window, insulation, bricks).

These needs to be listed and selected to give you a fully detailed understand of the project, and to get a lump sum quote from the contractor without risks.

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