Meet Us

You decided to start, so book a meeting. You`ll have a lot of question and worries, as us!

Prepare your question and send it to us before we attend the meeting in case we need to do some research.

The proposal

At this point clouds start to get clear!

We will show you our proposal: plans, volumes, sketches, materials, referrals pictures, and ideas. Your project will become a bit more real. It`s also time to start talking about a strategy, a programme, a prediction.

From now on we will be in touch regularly, sometimes at your home, our office, showrooms, shops, museums, etc.

The project has started and we will get week by week into more detailed discussion.

One by one all the elements will be defined and when construction will start you will know exactly what`s going to be build, and that you love it!

Contact Us

Get in touch! Give us as many information as possible in order to assist you better:

  • A brief of the project

  • A description of the house

  • The type of house (attached, detached, terraced, etc)

  • Any plan, prospect, section, picture you have

  • Your budget and expectation (low-end, middle-end, high-end, luxury)

Based on these information we will give you a quote for our services and a rough evaluation of total cost and time.

Time to start

Everything start with the second meeting, allow 2-3 hours of your agenda for this.

We will ask you questions about your priorities, needs, preferences, lifestyle, habits, dreams, plans, everything that can help us to better understand you.

If you need help take your children with you, they are plenty of ideas!

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