Design - -> 2-4 Weeks

Pre-planning - -> 2+ Weeks

Application - -> 6-8 Weeks

Design - -> 2-4 Weeks

Notices - -> 48H

Full Planning - -> 3-5 Weeks

Design - -> 2-4 Weeks

Concept - -> 1-2 Weeks

FF&E - -> 2-4 Weeks

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New build tips

Sometimes build new instead of renovate it`s worth the time.

When you build a new house you might be VAT exempt.

Build Sustainable! Passive house design and new technologies can make your lifestyle a lot more healty, and the benefits on children growth and health are amazing! And as plus you are acting good with our planet :)

How much does it cost to build a new house?

As general rule I would say that below £250K become a challenge to build a new house. You might use the £1500-2200/sqm rule but it would be better to know also the wall and floor square metrage to get some numbers

The only way to know the exact quote for your project is to provide Technical and Structural Drawings to your contractor. You can get an idea with Planning drawings but this will not be your final figure!

For a first approach you can budget in this way:

15% Professionals

15% Substructure and Structure

15% Floor and Walls

9% Window and doors

9% Mechanical and electrical

9% Finishes

9% Kitchen and Applicances

5% Roof

4% Drainage

An important point that we like to highlight is that if you would like to build your new house using sustainable construction methods instead of traditional, your costs will not increase as you might think!