• Lisa Gentile

5 Advantages For Having A Kitchen Island

How Homeowners Can Utilise A Kitchen Island

Kitchens are the epicenter of many family homes; we spend so much time eating, drinking, and communicating in them. As a result, homeowners look for ways to utilise the space to maximise the potential and usability of the room.

Kitchen Islands are freestanding units that sit in the middle of the kitchen space for washing up, serving food, cooking, storage, and food preparation. Let us look at the five critical advantages in more detail.

· Storage – No one ever says they have enough storage. Islands can have storage cabinets and drawers underneath or above the unit. You can customise the storage to suit your style. The benefit of island storage is that it accessible yet does not interfere with the other areas in the kitchen.

· Seating – Dependent on the size, a kitchen island can provide seating for between 2 and 6 people. Having space for family and guests to sit whilst you cook and entertain would be of considerable benefit. You can also use the island seating area to eat breakfast, snacks, and casual dining.

· Added amenities – Placing some of your kitchen amenities within or on the island can help with the room's flow. For example, you could utilise your island as the main cooking area by installing a hob and built-in oven.