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5 Alternative Stair Designs

Making The Most Of Your Staircase

Homeowners have the opportunity to add value to their property and improve its overall look by considering alternative designs and décor for this crucial body of the property. The position of stairs means they are the focal point when entering the property, and by creating a stylish alternative, you will be sure to fashion an instant wow factor.

There are so many unique ideas to choose from that all look stunning, here are our top five favourites:

1. Wooden Staircase – These stairs are a favourite for many homeowners; they offer durability, uniqueness, and style. Their natural appearance is warm and welcoming, with a vast selection of wood types available. You can design your stairs traditionally or with a modern twist.

2. Glass Staircase – These stairs use architectural glass and other materials of your choosing. Glass stairs are a great idea in smaller properties. They provide a light and open feel to your hallway, giving the illusion of space. For anyone concerned about the risk of having a glass staircase, don’t be as the glass is thick and shatter-resistant.

3. Under stair storage – Using dead space under your stairs as usable fitted storage solutions is a popular home improvement choice. They utilise every inch of available space. Some valuable ideas are to use the space as a bar, boot room, display unit or a bookcase, as well as a common clutter space.

4. Suspended floating stairs – There are various ways to achieve a suspended floating staircase that appears to defy gravity. They can provide a light, air, and modern feel to your hall.

5. Open tread staircases – Open risers or open tread stairs can add a completely different contemporary feel to your property. An open tread staircase has vertical gaps between each step and used with traditional, spiral, or curved staircases.

So, be brave and break away from the norm by considering an alternative staircase for your property. Find a company that specialises in bespoke staircases and explore your options.

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