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5 Front Porch Designs For Your Property

The Most Welcoming Front Porch Ideas

Porches are an effortless way to frame your properties front door. A beautifully designed porch can completely transform the exterior of the property, adding a contemporary feel. In addition, a porch can provide shelter, storage, or an enclosed area between outside and inside the property.

So, whether you are revamping your current front door or are contemplating including a porch in your new build property, here are five porch designs to chooses from.

1. Open porch – These porches are made using timber frames and have open sides and front, leaving you with an indoor-outdoor feel. In addition, incorporating wide beams and a pitched roof adds character to your original property design.

2. Covered porch – Like open porches, covered porches are utilised as storage areas and entrances to the property, comprising walls, windows, and front doors. They provide a buffer between the outside and inside, preventing draughts and heat loss.

3. Wraparound porch – This is not a standard feature built onto UK properties unless it is a rural detached property. The porch structure wraps around two or more sides of the property.

Wraparound porches certainly provide a wow factor and are excellent for social gatherings.

4. Screened porch – These porches are similar to closed porches, but they use transparent screens instead of windows and doors. A benefit of screened porches is they retain heat and maximise natural light. A well designed and decorated screened porch is great for embracing outdoor living with some indoor comforts.

5. Canopy porch – This style of porch provides shelter, appeal and protect your door from the elements. Porch canopies are cost-effective and easy to build, using either glass, wooden or metal, as no groundwork is required. Homeowners can also choose a traditional, modern or Apex canopy style to suit their properties character.

Porches are a relatively easy and cheap home improvement option for homeowners. The majority of porches do not require planning permission and causes minimal disruption during installation.

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