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5 Types Of Loft Conversions

A Guide To The Different Loft Conversion Styles

Loft conversions are a great way to increase your properties value and add additional space. The type of conversion that best suits your property will depend on several factors; initially, your budget and the planning requirements in your areas. Your conversion type will also be dependent on whether your property is detached, semi-detached or terraced and its roof shape and height.

Once you’ve examined the factors, you can decide on one of these five loft conversion styles:

1. Dormer – These conversions offer excellent head height and floor space. They are the most popular UK loft conversion style where a vertical wall and flat roof come up from the bottom of the sloped roof. These conversations suit gable-fronted and hipped roofed properties.

2. Hip-To-Gable – These loft conversions only work for free sloping side roof properties and provide homeowners with a versatile space for a bedroom, office, or gym. They are the best fit for detached, semi-detached, chalet and bungalow properties.

3. Mansard – These loft conversions provide a considerable space with tons of natural light. This addition changes the roof to a nearly vertical structure. Mansard loft conversions suit most properties and are often additions to the rear of a house.

4. L-shaped – These loft conversions entail attaching two dormer conversations at a right angle to each other; one of the dormers is usually more extensive than the other. They provide homeowners with excellent space that they can use as multiple rooms with plenty of headroom. These conversions suit Victorian terraced and semi-detached properties.

5. Roof light – These conversions are the cheapest option for homeowners as the existing roof requires no changes. All that is needed is skylight windows, a staircase and suitable flooring.

If you are considering a loft conversion for your property, ensure to consult skilled designers that can guide you to achieve a loft conversion suited for your property.

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