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Aluminium Windows vs uPVC Windows

What Is The Best Option For Your Home?

Windows are at the border of our personal lives, contained by the walls of our homes, being the contact point with the outside world. A recurrent dilemma for homeowners is the choice between aluminium vs uPVC windows. We will discuss five aspects to help you understand the pros and cons of each type, such as quality, price, and aesthetics.

1. Quality - While both uPVC and aluminium are solid and durable, aluminium weighs more on the quality spectrum. In addition, aluminium windows will not rust, enabling them to have a longer lifetime of up to 45 years.

2. Price - uPVC windows are a more affordable alternative, as they cost from £300- £800 per piece. In contrast, aluminium windows range at a higher price between £643 to £1,650, as compensation for higher manufacturing and installation costs.

3. Maintenance - In this regard, there is a draw between both types of windows, as none require a thorough cleaning process. It is enough to wipe them with a cloth from time to time.

4. Aesthetics - This aspect is purely subjective, depending on individual preferences and taste. Aluminium windows can bring a modern and minimalistic touch to elements of your home, as they have very thin sightlines. On the other hand, uPVC windows are more versatile and adaptable to a broader range of house styles.

5. Energy efficiency -Regardless of what you choose, both types have an excellent reputation in thermal insulation. Their thermal retention capacity allows them to preserve the warmth in any homes for more extended periods.

Overall, both options have disadvantages and benefits. At the moment, uPVC remains the most popular option for British people due to their optimum price-quality balance. However, aluminium windows represent a more modern and durable alternative, albeit an expensive one.

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