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Are Solar Panels Beneficial For Homeowners?

How Effective Are Solar Panels?

Homeowners are regularly exploring ways to reduce their monthly outgoings by making cuts to their bills where they can. Installing solar panels on your property is an option worth investigating. Solar panels are an electrical system that captures the energy from the sun using photovoltaic cells. Once converted, the sun's energy can power your property. Meaning a considerable reduction in your monthly energy bills.

Aside from reducing your energy bills, here are five enticing benefits for installing solar panels on your property:

1. Cuts carbon emission – Whilst solar panels are not free of carbon emission, they produce much less than traditional fossil fuels. By changing to solar panels, households can reduce their carbon footprint by 1.3 to 1.6 tonnes per year; this equates to the CO2 emitted by charging 607,904 smartphones.

2. Renewable energy – Fossil fuels are running out, so it's essential to embrace new alternatives to powering our households. The sun is a continuous source of renewable energy. Even when it's cloudy and wet, there will be enough energy from the solar panels over a yearly period.

3. 24-hour power – If you invest in a battery storage unit in addition to your solar panels, you can access free solar energy 24-hours a day.

4. Sell your unused energy – There is a law in place that requires energy companies to buy back your excess solar energy. So that means the possibility of further reductions to your energy bill or being paid for producing clean electricity.

5. No maintenance – Solar panels require little to no maintenance due to their design and lack of moving pieces that could get damaged. Homeowners need to get them checked annually and give them the occasional clean.

Approximately 4,000 households have solar panels installed every month in the UK. Will you be the next to transition from fossil fuels to solar energy and reap the rewards?

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