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Bespoke Lighting To Suit Your Style

Why You Should Install Bespoke Lighting

Purchasing a custom made bespoke light designed to your specifications and a designated space can accentuate a living areas style. Buyers can provide their designer with sketches or concepts of their vision, whether traditional or contemporary.

The most popular bespoke lighting designs use six styles as a foundation, they are:

1. Dished – If you would like a modern take on a chandelier, this design is for you. It comprises between 3 and 50 pendant lights clustered together as one. The lights all hang at the same height and form a dish or bowl shape. Dished lighting is best suited for low-level ceilings as less of a drop is required.

2. Staggered – Staggered lighting is the same concept as the dished lighting. You can choose how many pendant lights you would like, but the pendant lights hang at different heights. Staggered lighting works well in stairwells as there is plenty of drop to give a dramatic effect.

3. Pendant Bar – These pendant lights are attached in a row to a bar or ceiling plate and wired as one unit. You can have at least three lights attached that hang at the same height, although you can also design the lights to be staggered.

4. Swag – This contemporary approach involves the light hanging from an extended cable hooked up at the required height. Swag lighting was historically popular in rooms where ceiling roses were not central.

5. Staged – Staged lighting is very similar to staggered lighting. Pendant lights are hung from a ceiling plate in a formation at varying heights; they are fantastic for central feature lighting.

There are many other lighting styles available, so you will be sure to find something that suits you and your home. Share your vision with a skilled craftsman who will design bespoke lighting that completely changes the feel and illumination of your room.

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