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Bi-fold Doors vs Sliding Doors

A Comparison Of Dimensions, Practicality, Glass Size And Security

When exploring door options to help fuse inside and outside, the obvious choice is bi-folding or sliding doors. However, it depends on what look you want your extension to have. Bi-folding doors are a series of panels that slide open and fold up like a concertina using wood, uPVC, or aluminium. Sliding doors are panels of glass that slide smoothly along a track horizontally using glass, wood, or metal.

However, we can compare both doors and explore their different benefits by looking at dimensions, practicality, glass size and security.


· Bi-folding doors provide a wider opening when fully opened, meaning the garden and living space feel like one space.

· Sliding doors provide a smaller opening when fully opened. The panels overlap each other; this means they are best suited to properties with limited space.


· Bi-folding doors need space to open and close and room for them to be stacked while fully extended.

· Sliding doors open with ease along their tracks, so no additional space is needed to open and shut them.

Glass Size

· Bi-folding doors come in standard or custom size glass panels. The height of a standard bi-folding door is 2090mm or 2100mm, with a minimum width of 1400mm.

· Sliding doors come in standard or custom size glass panels. The height of a standard sliding door is 2,083 mm, with a minimum width of 500mm.


· Bi-folding doors have a multi-point locking system as standard and an inline system that prevents the panels from being removed from their track.

· Sliding doors also have a multi-point locking system as standard, but you can further secure with a sliding glass door lock. These locks make it impossible to force the doors open

As you can see, there isn’t much difference between bi-folding and sliding doors. Both types will provide functional and attractive doors that add a modern feel to your property, so the choice is yours.

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