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Brick And Block Construction

A Beginner’s Guide

Brick and block construction is the most popular building home in the UK, with almost 70% of self-build properties being made with this method.

Brick and block construction, also known as modern masonry construction, comprises a brick outer layer and block inner layer with a cavity between these two filled by insulation. These two walls are then held together tightly with ties. They sit upon a concrete foundation.

Here are four key reasons why you should consider a brick and block construction method when building a property:

1. Mortgages

Mortgage providers are keen to provide funds for properties using the brick and block method. However, they tend to release funds at different prearranged times during the building process.

2. Speed

Brick and block construction is not a quick building process. It can take approximately 20 weeks to complete. However, the process is becoming faster due to innovations in its systems.

3. Cost

Brick and block constructions are cheaper to build in comparison to other forms of building methods. The materials are more affordable, and plenty of contractors can erect your property as it is relatively easy to do.

4. Firmness

The brick and block construction method are second to none, with no creaking when it comes to firmness. Its strength arises from the multiple unit’s connecting as one.

5. Thermal Mass

Brick and block properties are unique concerning their thermal mass ability. They can absorb, store and release heat that can then be used to conserve energy. It stores and releases heat during the day, keeping the inside temperature at a constant level.

The brick and block construction method is trending in the UK. However, it has its strengths and weakness like any construction method. Once constructed, no one can tell which method has been used.

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