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Building A Timber-framed Construction

Timbered-framed constructions are becoming increasingly popular as builders use them as an alternative to the standard stone, bricks, and block constructions we are used to. However, as with all building materials, there are pros and cons to building a timber-framed structure.


· Fast construction – Timber-framed buildings can be built onsite or prefabricated in factory conditions relatively quickly. Prefabricated structures can take a few days to make.

· Energy-efficient – By installing wall insulation, efficient windows and reducing air leaks, your property is as energy-efficient as any standard stone, bricks, and block construction

· Sustainability – Timber is a sustainable product, and using it as a building material can reduce your carbon footprint and be more environmentally sound

· No heavy machinery – The primary tool required for building a timber-framed construction is a handheld nail gun. No heavy machinery or equipment is needed as everything is carried by hand,


· Risk of rot – Builders must install an extra vapour barrier between the insulation and inner wall; this will prevent moisture and condensation and reduce the risk of timber rot

· Noise level – Airbourne and impact noise travels easily through timber-framed structures due to their low density. Soundproofing walls and floors can improve this at an additional cost

· Lightweight feel – People often suggest that timber-framed properties do not feel solid enough. There are concerns that they cannot withstand challenging architectural designs; they, of course, can

· Movement – Timber-frames can shift over time which can cause issues with shower enclosures. Once they start cracking, you will get leaking problems which will lead to more significant issues. Opt for a shower enclosure instead as they won't crack or leak.

Timber-framed structures were one of the earliest building methods used. Modern timber-framed designs are even more durable, lasting at least 35-30 years and with the potential to last for centuries if well-made.

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