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Choosing A Conservatory That Suits Your Property's Style

A Guide To The 7 Conservatory Styles

Conservatories are a significant investment that adds spaces and value to your property; they are relatively easy to install and considerably cost-effective. There are conservatories to suit everyone's living arrangements; the difficult choice is deciding what conservatory-style would best complement your existing property. So let's delve deeper into the seven types available:

1. Lean-To or Sun Room – One of the most common conservatory styles for all properties as they are minimal and stylish; ideally suited to properties with limited space or bungalows.

2. Victorian – Another popular conservatory choice as it suits most traditional and older properties. You can choose between a three bell or five bell-shaped curves for your multi-faceted bay.

3. Orangeries – These are slightly different as they are a brick and glass hybrid. They have solid roofs, so it feels more like an extension than a conservatory.

4. Off the Wall – Like Orangeries, they are brick and glass; however, built as extensions from your property’s walls.

5. Edwardian – They are ideal for older, traditional properties; they have a four-sided roof (square or rectangle), an apex, straight lines, and a flat front. They are great for maximising floor space.

6. Gable or Pavilion – These conservatories provide a lot of headroom, creating a light and airy space. The design is similar to the Edwardian style giving a grand, classical appearance.

7. Tiles Sunroom – These are ideal if you want panoramic views as they are all windows and no walls. They have a tiled roof, the option to plan it as an extension of your current living space or a new room, and you can incorporate bi-folding doors.

Each conservatory is made-to-measure, making them unique. So with all of these options that suit most properties, it is down to your taste, preferences, and space.

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