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Contemporary Tips for an Office Fitout

Here at PHASEZERO we do not just concentrate on residential design (although that is certainly the focus of the business). No, we are also appreciated known for our interior fitouts.

Whether for a retail environment, office, or restaurant we enjoy working with clients and taking on the new challenges the changing high street brings. And, with more outsourcing and home working, the office too is undergoing a huge transformation. Here are some of our tips for office fitout.

Introducing multi-functional furniture

Modular furniture ie a stool that will work as both a chair and a table - not to mention the fact it can be moved easily – is certainly the way forward. This allows staff to use the space in an office more efficiently. It also does away with the need for a conference room and large board table if groups can simply lift stools and place them in a circle for meetings. Of course, some meetings require privacy; in such circumstances, sealed office pods can be employed to house small groups. For larger groups of employees’ acoustic panels can be arranged to ensure privacy of meetings (and peace for other staff attempting to work nearby).

And surveys show staff like being able to ‘move the furniture around.’ The reasoning behind this is that it gives them a greater sense of ownership of their surroundings. Stand-up desks are popular too in interior office fitouts, especially for those with back or leg problems. Management also get a ‘big tick’ for installing this type of multi-purpose furniture under the category of ‘wellness’ policies for staff.

Bringing the outside in

Biophilic design in London has been around for some time now and it certainly is not going away any time fast. This is a form of design which looks at bringing nature to buildings. Most of us are familiar with a ‘living wall’ ie a vertical garden of plants in an office or retail environment. In small office without the budget for such a living wall, just introducing plants and more greenery can make a big difference to staff morale. Natural lighting also comes under the Biophilic banner, as does good ventilation.

The big plus of this form of design is not just that it is visually appealing; it too is healthier for staff. Natural lighting leads to fewer headaches and the need to take time off work. Better access to sunshine also makes staff feel happier at work. Meanwhile, improved ventilation can help staff with asthma and other breathing difficulties. It also means cold and flu germs do not get the chance to spread as easily!

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