• Lisa Gentile

How Long Does It Takes?

The length of a project depends on a lot of factors. What we are going to explain is just about domestic projects.

DESIGN STAGE 10-21weeks

2-4 weeks - - > For us to design your project.

6-8 weeks - - > The time that the council need to decide about your application.

2-4 weeks - - > For us and the Structural Engineer to prepare the technical design.

2-5 weeks - - > For Building Control to approve the design (in case of "full plan" application).

A small percentage of homeowners decide to have the technical design done together with the planning, although it might save you time if everything goes fine, can become costly if the planning doesn`t get approved at the first run and it needs modification. In the worst case scenario, you are going to pay again the professionals to change the design accordingly, you have to contact again the Party wall surveyor to inform your neighbours about the change in design, and you have to ask all the contractors contacted to have a revision of their quote.

So, our suggestion it`s obviously not to rush but take the project step by step.

Even small projects have big impact on your life, so you should plan and organise in advance.


It takes about 2 weeks to get all the prices you need, so take into account a small space for this.


This really depends on the project itself, as guideline consider about 4 months as average.

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