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How to Best Position Light in a Room

Lighting is crucial to creating atmosphere in a room. Whether that is a living room, bedroom, or your brand-new kitchen extension. So, it makes sense to take a little time out and study the concept yourself. For instance, have a series of different types of lighting in important rooms such as your bedroom, kitchen and sitting room.

Many designers suggest having various type of lighting, such as on the ceiling (overhead central light or spotlights), walls (sconces) and floor (uplighters). Consider adding dimmers to lights as well so that you can control the mood of the room at will.

These days technology allows you to remotely control specific lights from bed ie light up the en-suite. Low level sensor lights could also be handy for when you need to get up to use the toilet in the middle of the night.

If a room is not as large as you would like it to be then it is possible to ‘open it up’ by placing a large and dramatic lighting fixture in the centre of the ceiling. This will instantly draw the eye on entering and make the room appear larger. Just make sure you have other forms of lighting in there too though otherwise it could prove too stark. Another way of making a room appear larger is to hang a large mirror on the wall opposite a window. In this way the light is reflected, and the room looks brighter – and bigger.

In this blog post we have outlined some quick and easy lighting ideas for rooms:

· Bedroom. Not only should the lighting allow you to carry out practical tasks, such as choosing clothing, but it should also create a relaxing ambience for sleeping. Frame the bed by siting sconces at either side or even backlight the headboard. Table lamps are, of course, perfect for night-time reading in bed.

· Kitchen. You can zone a kitchen in a large open plan extension by using recessed lighting for the ceiling and LED under counter lighting. A contemporary touch for a kitchen island is a set of three pendant lights. There is no rule that says you can’t have both recessed spotlights and a central pendant.

· Sitting room. Fireplaces look great when highlighted by lighting. This could be in the form of sconces at either side or candles on either side of the mantlepiece at ground or mantle level. Picture lights are excellent for creating a sense of ambience in your London refurbishment project. Make sure there are no dark corners in your sitting room (unless you want there to be) by siting an uplighter there, or a table with a lamp.

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