• Lisa Gentile

How To Design Your Own Vertical Garden

An Alternative To Traditional Gardens

Vertical gardening is an alternative for green-fingered homeowners. It is perfect for people who do not have enough horizontal outdoor space, want to hide an unsightly wall or fancy trying different ways to garden.

Follow these seven straightforward steps to help you start your vertical garden project:

1. Choose a wall – Vertical gardens can go against any wall. You only need to worry about the weight of the wall if it is an extensive construction. The best wall to start on would be the ugliest wall available.

2. Build a frame – You can build your vertical garden directly to a wall; however, if you make a wooden frame, you can move your garden quickly should you need to.

3. Attach plastic sheeting – A PVC sheet is needed to protect the vertical wall from any water; this should be attached to the frame.

4. Attach the fabric – You will need rot proof fabric like felt to be stretched across the frame like a canvas; it should be two layers thick. The plants will live in the fabric, and it will hol