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Rear Double Storey Extensions

Why Are They So Popular?

With growing families comes the need for larger properties. Sometimes, it's just not financially viable to invest money in purchasing a larger house, so more homeowners improve their current properties by adding extensions.

A single-storey rear extension will provide you with additional space, especially if you just need more living areas. But sometimes, it's not quite enough, and in those situations, your next option is a rear double-storey extension. Here are six reasons why investing in a rear double-story extension could solve your space issues:

1. Adding a rear double-storey extension is cheaper for additional space than that of a single-storey extension. The cost of the foundations and roof will be the same for a single-storey extension as it would be for a double-storey extension

2. By adding a rear double-storey extension, you will instantly create valuable living space for your family. The additional rooms could be a family living room, a bedroom, bathroom, office, or playroom; the possibilities are endless

3. You may be able to apply for permitted development rights depending on whether your plans meet specific requirements. If you are eligible for permitted development, the process will be much quicker and cheaper

4. Investing in a high-quality extension will add value to your property, so you will achieve a sound Return of Investment if you wish to sell your property

5. Building a rear double-storey extension means you can tailor your whole design to meet your specifications

6. Adding an extension will remove the need to move; you may find it cheaper and less stressful in the long run. It will also cause less disruption to school and friendships.

As you can see, building a rear double-storey extension has many positives, including saving money and time. Meaning it's an excellent alternative to moving house to gain additional space.

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