• Lisa Gentile

Role and Responsibilities in a Project

Updated: Jul 29

Architect/Designer (Us)


  • Coordinate all the parties involved in the project, as well as design it.

  • Collaborate with the urban planner for a successful planning application.

  • Research, invent and draw the construction drawings.

  • Collaborate with the engineer to match the ideal layout with the structural needs.

  • Collaborate with the interior designer to check the feasibility of the proposal and supervise the design.

  • Prepare and manage the tender.

  • Collaborate with the project manager and the contractor to prepare programme and schedules related with the building work.

  • Supervise the construction and authorize payments.

  • Check that all details are according with drawing and the client expectation.

  • Communicate directly with the client.

Interior Designer (Us)


  • Design the interiors, chose the better materials and creative solution to make the client feeling better when he/she is at home.

  • Study the habits, psychology, and morphology of the client to make everything bespoke on his/her size and needs.

  • Deal with manufacturers to create each piece ad hoc.

  • Select the material to be used.

  • Manage and supervise the production and installation.

Structural Engineer (Not Us)


  • Design the structure, find creative solution to make the building stand against weather and time.

  • Collaborate with the team to better accommodate the structure with the client needs.

  • Supervise the construction to check material and details are made according with drawings and BS standards.

Urban Planner (Not Us)


  • Study and research the planning policies of your area and make the strategy to success in the planning application process.

  • Prepare the documents and follow up the process with the council.

BIM Consultant (Not Us)


  • Create and manage the model that include the information from all the professional involved and overlap it to check that there is not incompatible information.

  • Create all the schedules and extrapolate the drawings so all the parties involved can have a full understand of the project and discuss details having the knowledge of the complete scheme.

Project Manager (Us)


  • Manage all the stages.

  • Helps the contractor to communicate with the architect and the client.

  • Solve problems on site and overlook all the tasks.

  • Reports to the contract administrator all the variation and problem arises.

  • Coordinate the teams on site.

Party Wall surveyor (Not Us)


  • Deals with your issue with neighbours before and during construction.

  • Prepare and negotiate for you the party wall agreement with your neighbour`s surveyor and resolve for you any dispute arise.

Contractor/Builder (Not Us)


  • Build it!

  • Overlap all the information coming from the professionals involved and make your dream true.

  • Coordinate subcontractor and installer and supervise all the operation in and around the building.

  • Release the certificates and warranties, as well as the O&M manual.

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