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Smart Space Saving Furniture

Foldable Furniture For Smaller Homes

People who live in small properties are always looking for space-saving furniture to utilise in their home. Here is a selection of foldable furniture pieces that are quick and easy to use, creating space whenever you need it.

Foldable tables

1. Stephania 100Cm Rectangular Folding Table by Ebern Designs – Wayfair £51.99

This foldable table is stylish and has an industrial feel, with a tubular steel frame and a robust worktop. When not in use, it is unclipped and folded flat against the wall.

2. Folding Reclaimed Wood Beam Dining Tables – Smithers of Stamford £422.00

These foldable tables are great for use as a workspace, but they are also big enough to use as a dining table. It is made out of repurposed and recycled materials using reclaimed wooden beams and has an industrial feel.

Foldable beds

1. Vertical Wall Bed – Wall Bed King starting from £489

These sturdy beds are stylish and minimalistic, giving your room a contemporary and modern feel. When not in use, they are folded vertically against a wall, with the option to hide it within a cabinet.

2. Batie European Kingsize Murphy Bed by Ebern Designs – Wayfair £1,459.99

Quickly change a room into a bedroom with this foldable bed that attaches to a wall; it uses gas springs and a powerful mechanism to set it in place within seconds.

Foldable chairs

1. Syed Wood Folding Chair by Union Rustic – Wayfair £359.99

These exquisite foldable chairs are genuine leather with an acacia wood frame, making them incredibly soft and comfortable. When not in use, it folds away quickly until it is needed.

2. TERJE Folding chair – Ikea £25

These foldable chairs are ideal for your at-home office or special occasions when you have guests visiting. They come with a padded seat and back to maximise comfort and are available in 5 colours.

These foldable furniture solutions are just the tip of the iceberg. There is a vast selection of space saving ideas available on the market to maximise your small spaces while keeping things stylish. And most important, can be bespoke on your design style.

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