What is Possible to Build Without Planning Permission

As you look further into your London design and build project you will probably find that there are quite a few changes you can make to your home that don’t actually require planning permission. The only real restrictions in this regard is if your home sits in a conservation area or is listed by Historic England. So what are these changes that remove the stress of waiting to hear if you have been awarded planning permission? Well, here are a few ideas:

· Putting in sky lights. As a minor London loft conversion project, adding Velux windows doesn’t alter the shape or character of your home. And, because of this, it is allowed under permitted development ie it doesn’t require contacting the council to notify them of your plans.

· Adding a single storey extension. Yes really, it’s possible to add a whole extension to your London home provided it remains within the stated conditions. These are that it’s not in front of your house and that it looks similar in terms of the cladding used. If it is within two metres of any boundary lines the eaves shouldn’t be higher than three metres. If you have a detached house then then any rear extension can’t be more than four metres into the garden or three metres for a semi-detached or terraced house. In some cases, it’s even possible to build a two-storey extension provided it isn’t within seven metres of the rear boundary.

· Converting your London loft. It’s possible to work with up to 40 cubic metres without the need for planning permission when it comes to a London loft conversion. A Dormer loft conversion doesn’t require planning permission, provided it doesn’t exceed the height of the roof itself.

· Putting in a swimming pool. It may be a luxury for some, but a swimming pool is still allowed under permitted development provided it doesn’t take up half the garden (quite literally).

· Adding a new driveway. This is fine provided the driveway (with vehicle access) doesn’t lead onto a classified road. If it does then there are certain guidelines that it is necessary to comply with. This centres around visibility when entering the classified road and sufficient turning space for a standard vehicle.

· Putting in solar panels. Provided they don’t protrude more than 200mm from the surface of the roof or wall of your home then solar panels are fine to install. Another stipulation is that they can’t be higher than the tallest part of the roof.

· Adding a basement. This is an interesting one since although a basement can be allowed as permitted development (Class A), the kind of typical construction engineering work needed is not!

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