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What`s included in our quote?

Updated: Jul 29

If this is your first project you might want to know what we produce for you and if you need to hire other professionals to complete the project.

The ones most certainly you`ll need except us are a Structural Engineer, a Party Wall Surveyor and a Contractor.

Our involvement in the project is up to you, you can choose to hire us to provide only few services or decide to have the full package combined.


1. The Design – after our first meeting we come out with several proposals based on your requirement and references.

2. Planning application - Once the design is approved, we prepare the planning application and submit it. We might suggest a pre-planning application if some points needs to be discussed with the council before submitting the formal application.

3. Follow up – we deal with council and provide any extra information they might require (ie. Shadow report, photos, viewing of the proposal, etc.)

4. In the worst-case scenario of a planning application refused we follow the report to modify the design and re-submit.


1. The Design – we decide the construction method and prepare the drawings showing build ups and construction details. To complete the package needed for the contractor and building control you need additional drawings from the Structural Engineer.

2. Submission and amendments – we submit the application on your behalf and deal with the inspector to achieve the approval. The application to building control doesn`t work like the planning application, means that it cannot be refused, but need to be modified until all the problem are sorted.

3. Site follow up – we stay in touch with your preferred contractor so if any problem or misunderstanding happen during construction, they can refer to us to sort it out.


1. The Design – first we work in plan to achieve the best use of the space.

2. The concept – we start work in 3D and chose with you the materials to use visualizing those in the space and seeing how they work together.

3. FF&E – we help you find your fitting and furniture, dealing with the manufacturers to design the bespoke items needed, and with retailers to find the perfect pieces.


1. Tender preparation – we prepare the Bill of Quantity to help the tender and construction process.

2. Tender management – we invite the contractors to tender for your project and then we help you chose the better deal.

3. Project management – we are on site to supervise the construction and keep you informed on the progress.

4. Contract Administrator - you delegate us to make decision about the construction process, we only contact you if there is an option that can increase the price or a consistent change in design

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