What Type of House Extension Will You Choose?

Once you have agreed you need more space in your home, the next part is to decide how you are going to achieve that. Most families in the capital these days opt for an open plan house extension in London. There are, of course, various types of home extensions you can choose from. We have listed here some of the more popular, but happy to discuss other forms of home extensions too:

Single storey house extension in London

A single storey extension, due to the fact it’s only on one floor, tends to be one of the least expensive home add-ons you can find. It can go on most sides of your house, apart from the front.

The most popular type is the rear extension which tends to encompass a kitchen, dining and seating area with large glass floor to ceiling doors which can be opened at will onto the garden. The latter has the added plus of extending the space.

But what if you only wanted one side of your house extended? Well, yes, just as it’s possible to build outwards at the back if you have the space, the same applies to the side of your home. A side extension is another type of extension which has a lower price tag. A perfect choice for decent sized alleyways at the side of the house, it’s a case of extending your London home outwards using this. You can add glass panels to the roof and fix bi-fold floor-to-ceiling glass doors to open-up and add light to your existing kitchen, as well as gaining more physical space.

An L-shaped extension, as its name suggests, encompasses the length of the back of the property with a smaller extension protruding into the garden. With plenty of glass sliding doors and windows you will feel as if you’re actually eating your lunch etc out in the garden. This means you won’t have to miss the scenery or visiting wildlife even if it’s pouring with rain or freezing outside.

A wrap around extension is an L-shaped extension that goes the other way. In other words, the smaller side doesn’t protrude into the garden but turns inwards towards the house and is built along the side. The plus side with this type of extension is that you don’t have to cut into the garden to get the additional space. It’s also a great way of using up redundant space at the side of the house.

Double storey house extension in London

Naturally, due to its size, a double storey extension costs more than a single storey home extension. However, in the long run it actually works out far more financially viable. How so? Well, you’re only paying once for the scaffolding, London architect drawings, foundations and overall construction etc. You will also get a better deal on materials since you are buying more of them.

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