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Why you Should not Use Marble for Kitchen Worktops

It is not such a bad idea to use marble for your kitchen worktops. Not, that is, if you like an aged and used shabby chic look Italian or Spanish style – ask any designer. It is a bad idea though if what you are after is a lovely, glossy, new-looking kitchen design – and one that will remain that way for some years to come.

In other words, the problem with using marble for areas in your new kitchen extension where you will be prepping food, making coffee daily and piling dishes etc, is that you will have to clean it often. Then there is all the maintenance involved. And therein lies the problem… marble is difficult to keep pristine. Coffee, red wine and even water stains can be difficult to clean off. And it is not just the stains you have to worry about; marble can also be easily scratched – and, of course, it is practically impossible to keep knives away from worktops in the kitchen.

If you are having a new kitchen extension, it is better to go with a different type of worktop surface. Good choices these days are Corian (a mix of plastic resin and bauxite pigment, laminate, stainless steel, heavy-duty granite, and wood. Stainless steel is a big favourite in commercial kitchens since it is heat and water resistant as well as easy to keep clean.

How to clean marble kitchen countertops

Bleach is banned when it comes to cleaning marble worktops. So too is a number of other chemical cleaners which will stain the marble. Instead, you are restricted to simply using hot soapy water and plenty of elbow grease. For tough stains you can try using a little white vinegar on a cloth. Baking soda is allowed too but again, you have to rub it in gently so that it doesn’t scratch.

If it really is that difficult to keep clean and smooth, why was marble so popular for kitchens more than a century go? Well, the answer is it that it was readily available and easier to cut and fabricate than other stone types around at the time, such as granite. Marble is also incredibly long-lasting which was obviously a big plus considering people did not more around as much as they do today.

Really, as far as we are concerned, the best kind of marble kitchen worktops are the ones that appear in glossy upmarket interiors magazines. That is, the beautiful worktops in Vogue and other upmarket celebrity homes where they are rarely – if ever – used.

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