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Your Guide To Wraparound Extensions

What Do You Need To Consider?

Wraparound extensions mean building down the side and across the rear of the existing property.; effectively creating a huge L shaped living area with easy access to your garden.

With every kind of extension, there are things to consider ensuring that your plans are suitable for your property; here are the top six considerations:

· Unused space – If you have unused space down the side of your property and are willing to sacrifice a small amount of garden, you can build a substantial extension.

· Open plan or additional rooms – The beauty of wraparound extensions is they can be utilised as one extensive living space or sectioned off into smaller rooms.

· Natural light – As the extension wraps around your property, you can increase your natural light by installing bi-folding or sliding doors and strategically placed skylights.

· Minimum available width – For a wraparound extension to be a success, recommendations suggest that 3 metres of side space be available.

· Loss of side access – Taking space from the side of the property could remove the side access; this is something you must be sure you are happy to live without.

· Blocking sunlight – Your wraparound extension cannot block sunlight from your neighbour's property. When you submit your plans to the council, they will check to ensure this does not occur.

· Party Wall Notice – You are required to give your neighbour notice of any work to be carried out near their land.

· Planning permission – Wraparound extensions do not qualify for permitted development rights, so you must apply for planning permission for the council. This can take time to process.

· Cost – The cost of building a wraparound extension can vary greatly depending on your plans, material, contractors etc. however, you could expect to pay between £70000-100000

A wraparound extension has the potential to transform your property entirely and change the way your family use your home for the better.

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