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You got plenty of tool to have full control of your project...


Bill of quantities. It`s a quantitative list of everything is needed for your project (ie. 25sqm of tiles, 100kg of steel, 2 sinks etc.)

Tender Management

It`s always difficult to find the right Contractor / Supplier / Trader for your project, but we can do the due dilingence and help you chose the best one, as well as understand how to compare the different prices, as we know that some can look cheaper and end up with a lot of "this was not included"

Site visit

Walks on site when you need to help out your contractor, reply to their question and look around if everything looks fine.

Project Management

There are few things to do during construction, like order materials and make sure everything arrive on time, or liaise with the Contractor and Trader on site if any problem arise, supervise the project and do your part of the job to let the project running smooth and finish on time. Or sit and leave with someone else!

Contract Administrator - Principal Designer

The person convering one of those role has almost the full control of the project on your behalf.

O&M manual

Operation and Maintenaince manual, a practical handbook with all the warranties, certification, required maintenance that apply to your new (or renovated) home!

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How it works (usually)

1. Bill of quantity prepared according with drawings.

2. Invitation to tender and due diligence of the trader.

3. Discussion, negotation and final decision.

4. Once the Contractor is appointed the project can start, and we can supervise and inform you.

5. Your project will be live for months, but it will end at some point!! 

6. Once finished we`ll give you your keys (of course) togheter with the O&M manual.