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Architectural, structural and interiors designed to be impressive from a team of experts that will guide you trough the process.


Made in Italy! Aluminium shell and the most beautiful finishes on the market.


What about testing your new yacht on the mediterran sea, I`ve heard that the Amalfi Coast it`s ideal for this!

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SAN 27 - marine aluminium 50 83 H111

San 27 is a prototype of a vessel that can be customized in all its forms according to the needs and preferences of the customer, starting from the design of the skeleton to the smallest details of the hull. This prototype of 8.35 x 2.5 meters can accommodating up to eight passengers, it has a 250 Hp power engine and a radius of 27 feet.

Equipped with private bathroom, kitchen and refrigerator, it allows a comfortable stay that does not lack any comfort during navigation.

The hull sheets are made of 3 mm thick extruded aluminium HMA. Aluminium alloy boats are ideal for the most demanding professional use. Tensile strength and impact aluminum is twice as high as that of reinforced fiberglass. Aluminium, due to its structural qualities, has a good absorption to shocks, to abrasions, does not create cracks in case of impact, does not crumble, but it contains the damage in a circumscribed way avoiding the widening of a possible flaw. Precisely for these qualities the aluminum alloy gives us the possibility of approach us until to beach the boat without fear of being damaged that they compromise safety or operation; facilitating all those operations necessary in case of rescue. Aluminum boats require a minimum and easy maintenance and are extremely durable over time. Its lightness and strength mean superior speed, greater savings in terms of consumption, greater load with low motorizations and more are 100% recyclable and 0 disposal costs.


To achieve a goal you have to work and believe deeply, this is what brings us every day to realize projects like San 27. With a team of enthusiastic and passionate workers we work to improve the design and performance of your boats. Naval Activity was born with the idea of create and realize your every idea and make our customers live the sea in a complete way without depriving themselves of no comfort.

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We start our activity mainly in the shipbuilding and industrial fields. The core business is oriented to custom service as well as design, construction and repair of interior and exterior fittings for yachts, cruise ships, ferries, hydrofoils, catamarans and components for aircraft and trains, using a team of highly specialized professionals. The headquarters of the company is in Nola (Na) - Agglomerato Industriale ASI, where is located on an area of about 6000 sqm. of which 3000 covered. It has technologically advanced machinery able to realize the construction of medium carpentry artifacts, light and heavy aluminium, iron and stainless steel; in addition, with carpentry, upholstery and painting departmens, is able to carry out any processing stylizing and finishing details of furniture, interior and exterior of any kind. In naval field, besides to operate in the field of the preparations classic naval, the company specialized mainly in design and construction of fast ships (monochord, hydrofoils, catamarans), using special materials and new technologies in order to meet the increasingly demanding safety regulations in force.

Today the company, besides being engaged in the historical activity of preparation and maintenance of fast ships, produces Fast Ferries, Hydrofoils for the transport passengers, Yachts and Catamarans in aluminium.

The company specializes in the interior design of boats of all types, and in particular in the production of certified products such as: The production of aluminium armchairs for High Speed Craft tested and examined by the Bureau Veritas; The production of steel portholes certified by RINA; The production of watertight doors certified by RINA; The production of furniture doors certified by RINA.

Our company is engaged in the maintenance of the fleet of primary companies of navigation, between which the most important ones are numbered: Liberty Lines, Charon & Tourist, Lauro Group, Snav, Rodriquez Cantieri Navali, Medmar, Free Gulf Navigation. Within this activity, practically constant, the group headed by Naval Activity engages approximately 30 working units that supply service near the ship yards of belongings guaranteeing a standard of maintenance that concurs the optimization of the use of the boats.

New generation boats completely made of light alloy, Aluminum, succeeding in ensuring high speed and minimum consumption, with advanced stabilization systems that ensure a high level of comfort to passengers during navigation, even at high speeds. The dimensions vary from 38 to 60 meters. These vessels, with a maximum speed of 32 knots, are essentially suitable for medium-long distances and are classified as High Speed Craft.

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