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Our Services

Have you found the right architect but she won`t manage your project? Or the ideal interior designer, but he cannot deal with the council?
We can do (almost) everything ourselves!

- Feasibility Study
- Concept Design
- Planning Application
- Buidling Regulation Drawings
- Tender Package

- Concept Design

- Space Planning

- Moodboard

- 3D Visualisation 

- Finishes Schedule

- Soft and Hard Landscaping

- Kitchen Design

- Bespoke Joinery Design

- Site Visit
- Site Supervision
- Tender Preparation
- Tender Management
- Contract Administration
- Principal Designer



Although things like the “Net Zero Carbon housing” and “Passive house” are heard daily, most of homeowners don`t actually know how to apply this principle to their project, and we are here to help!

First of all, what does sustainable design mean? There are few factors to consider:

Materials should be locally sourced to avoid the Co2 generated to transport those material

How the material is made, and how this impact the environment

How the house uses natural elements such sun and wind to low the energy consumption

Energy efficiency, and, if possible, renewable.

Comfort: a good ventilation, a warm home and a risk free design

Those are the “easy stuff” that you can, and should always apply to your design!

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