Who We Are

We believe that feelings combined with technical knowledge can create the best result, and that`s how we work.

We let the environment and the clients inspire us, being open to the vibes we feel, the words we hear, and the details we see.

Then we do our research, and we store those information as well.

The mix of both types of data makes every project unique!

We are young, we are strong, and we never give up!

We don`t care of creating a standard, or to brand our identity.

Our clients are our identity, and there is no one like the other.

There are many people and entities involved in a project that it`s impossible to know what will happen next.

Nothing to be stressed about!

Whatever will happen we are next to you to sort out.

Meet The Team


Lisa Gentile

Architectural Designer

An Italian designer with a passion for minimal design and management.

After getting her Diploma in Architecture at the artistic college in Naples, she got her B.Arch at the IUAV, University of Architecture of Venice.

She moved to London in 2016 and she got experience working as interior designer and CAD drafter to then move to the construction and manufacturing field.

The different position covered, as well as the luckiness to see projects from different prospectives, has given her the confidence to start her own brand in 2019: PHASEZERO


Flavia Andolfi

Interior Designer

A "young" designer, with brown hair and lot of (black) humor inside. 

She studied Interior Design in Rome and Urban Design in Barcelona.

Enthusiastic and with so many ideas, she started her professional career in  few (or several it depend by the point of view) architectural offices. 

She loves everything she does, and she does it with stubbornness and seriousness.

One of her wise comments: "In this fluid and dis-connected world, we have no certainties of present and future, but we can at least leave space to audacity and be able to see where it takes us."

What We Do






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