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There are two common ways of starting a project: from inside or from outside.

When you start from inside, you start from the person that it`s going to live in the home. Every space it`s made around the person. Then the outside design come out as consequence of the choices made inside.

When you start from outside you look at what`s around you, the community, then follow or break the continuity of the environment. You start thinking the house from 2 miles away, going forward. Once that the design it`s ready then you draw the internal layout, made to accommodate your needs and your design choice.

We know that balance makes the best result, but everyone will tend for one of the two ways. There is a simple solution: The Team!

About us

We are young, we are strong, and we never give up!

We don`t care of creating a standard, or to brand our identity.

Our clients are our identity, and there is no one like the other.

All the time that someone has tried to standardise the design stages, or any other schedule, has constantly failed for a reason: each project it`s different!

There are many people and entities involved in a project that it`s impossible to know what will happen next. Nothing to be stressed about! Whatever will happen we are next to you to sort out.


Our Team

Lisa Gentile

Managing Director

Lisa is an Italian designer with a passion for minimal design and management.

After getting her Diploma in Architecture at the artistic college in Naples, she got her B.Arch at the IUAV, University of Architecture of Venice.

She moved to London in 2016 and she got experience working as interior designer and CAD drafter to then move to the construction and manufacturing field.

The different position covered, as well as the luckiness to see projects from different prospectives, has given her the confidence to start her own brand in 2019: PHASEZERO

Interior Designer


Design the interiors, chose the better materials and creative solution to make the client feeling better when he/she is at home.

Study the habits, psychology and morphology of the client to make everything bespoke on his/her size and needs.

Deal with manufacturers to create each piece ad hoc.

Select the material to be used.

Manage and supervise the production and installation.

Project Manager


Manage the construction. Helps the contractor to communicate with the architect and the client.

Solve problems on site and overlook that all the tasks are completed on time.

Reports to the contract administrator all the variation and problem arised.

Coordinate the teams on site.

BIM Consultant


Create and manage the model that include the information from all the professional involved and overlap it to check that there are not incompatible information. Create all the schedules and extrapolate the drawings so all the parties involved can have a full understand of the project and discuss details having the knowledge of the complete scheme.



Produce bespoke items/furniture.

Can be specialised in a sector and material or cover multi-disciplinary sectors.

They know everything about the specs and fragility of the material they use and are able to advice on specific items and on the feasibility of some details.



Coordinate all the parties involved in the project, as well as design it.

Collaborate with the urban planner for a successful planning application.

Research, invent and draw the construction drawings.

Collaborate with the engineer to match the ideal layout with the structural needs.

Collaborate with the interior designer to check the feasibility of the proposal and supervise the design.

Make and manage the tender.

Collaborate with the project manager and the contractor to prepare programme and schedules related with the building work.

Supervise the construction and authorize payments.

Check that all details are according with drawing and the client expectation and update the client on the weekly result.

Structural Engineer


Design the structure, find creative solution to make the building stand against weather and time.

Collaborate with the team to better accommodate the structure with the client needs.

Supervise the construction to check material and details are made according with drawings and BS standards.

Urban Planner


Study and research the planning policies of your area and make the strategy to success in the planning application process.

Prepare the documents and follow up the process with the council.

Party Wall Surveyor

Deals with your issue with neighbours before and during construction.

Prepare and contract for you the party wall agreement with your neighbour`s surveyor and resolve for you any dispute arise.



Build it!

Overlap all the information coming from the professionals involved and make your dream true.

Coordinate subcontractor and installer and supervise all the operation in and around the building.

Release the certificates and warranties, as well as the O&M manual.

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