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Built around People

We believe that feelings combined with technical knowledge can create the best result, and that`s how we work.


We let everything inspire us, being open to the vibes we feel, the words we hear, and the details we see.


Then we do our research, and we store that information as well.


This mix makes every project unique!

We are young, we are strong, and we never give up!

We don`t care of creating a standard, or to brand our identity.

Our clients are our identity, and there is no one like the other.

There are many people and entities involved in a project that it`s impossible to know what will happen next.

Nothing to be stressed about!

Whatever will happen we are next to you to sort out.

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Fast turnaround

Replies within 24h


Simplified process


Lisa Gentile

Best use of space

Modern design


Flavia Andolfi


Although things like the “Net Zero Carbon housing” and “Passive house” are heard daily, most of homeowners don`t actually know how to apply this principle to their project, and we are here to help!


First of all, what does sustainable design mean? There are few factors to consider:


Materials should be locally sourced to avoid the Co2 generated to transport those material


How the material is made, and how this impact the environment


How the house uses natural elements such sun and wind to low the energy consumption


Energy efficiency, and, if possible, renewable.


Comfort: a good ventilation, a warm home and a risk free design


Those are the “easy stuff” that you can, and should always apply to your design!

What do we do







Book your free consultation and tell us about your vision


We do some research and give you all the info needed to start

Hire Us and book a measured suvey


Measured suvey of your property

First design proposal

Design discussion


Chose your favourite deisgn and give Us the "go ahead" to finalise the planning proposal

WEEK 4 - 12

A Party Wall Surveyor will start the conversation with your neighbours (if applicable)


Preparation of the Structural package

Tender Management and reccomendation of preferred Contractor

Confirm the decisions made so far and instruct the Contractor to start. Apply and pay your CIL (if applicable)

Site preparation

WEEK 14-16

Site and orders management, regular visits and reports. Payment schedule and confirmation

Build it!

Snagging and handover

WEEK 17-??


Do you have liability insurance?

Our company has liability insurance of up to £1,000,000.

Do I have to hire other professionals?

Yes, you`ll need a Structural Engineer and a Contractor. In most cases a Party Wall Surveyor will be required as well. There might be other professionals required to provide technical report/assessments.

Will you liaise with other consultant?

If we are hired as Contract Administrator, we do coordinate all the consultant involved.

Can I design my home?

Of course, there are no legal requirements to hire professionals. We can help you on limited tasks you don`t feel to perform yourself.

Can you connect me with all the required professional?

Sure, our contacts are public and we only include companies with who we have worked before.

Do I need planning permission?

It depends from the scope and location of your project, you can find guidelines navigating our website, and if you are unsure you can apply for a Lawful Development Certificate.

How long does it takes to get planning approval?

Typically 8 weeks, might be more for complex projects.

Will you guarantee planning approval?

Nope, no one can guarantee if planning will be approved, but we would identify the risk factors (if any) and advise you on the best route to achieve approval.

What are building regulation?

Rules that assure buildings meet the minimum requirements for living and safety.

Do I have to apply to Building Control?

Most probably yes, either for the Notice only application or a full planning application.

What do I need to submit to Building Control?

Structural Engineer`s drawing and calculations. Technical drawings showing compliance with Building Regulation.

How long does it take to get Building Control approval?

Up to 5 weeks.

What`s the difference between Building Regulation drawings, Structural drawings and Planning drawings?

Building Regulation drawings are technical detailed drawings that demonstrate compliance with building regulation. Structural drawings show how your project stands. Planning drawings show the aesthetic of your proposal.

At what stage I need to hire a Structural Engineer and a Party Wall Surveyor?

Once planning is approved is the best moment.

At what stage I need to hire a Contractor?

Once all the relevant technical and structural drawings are ready, otherwise they wouldn`t be able to price the job for you.

I already chose my Interior Designer/Structural Engineer/Contractor, will that cause problem?

Not at all, we are open to collaborate with your preferred professionals.