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PHASEZERO team Lisa and Flavia



A long story short!

Lisa and Flavia's journey began at the Artistic High School in Naples, where their shared passion for Art and Architecture ignited their ambitions.

Their formative years were filled with technical drawings, academic projects, and explorations of the city's churches, each visit captured through the lens of their cameras. Together, they dreamed of becoming creative and collaborative forces in the world of design.

Lisa pursued her degree in Architecture at IUAV in Venice, while Flavia specialized in Interior Design at IED in Rome.

The summers spent along the picturesque Amalfi Coast laid the foundation for a project that existed in their hearts long before it took physical shape – PHASEZERO.

PHASEZERO embodies their unwavering desire to "make architecture" from its very inception, shaping projects from point Zero. Their architectural philosophy is rooted in sustainability, customer-centricity, and meticulous attention to detail.

PHASEZERO specializes in crafting homes and spaces, with a vision that extends beyond the structural confines of architecture. They aspire to create environments that enhance and elevate the lives of their users.

At the core of their work is a profound understanding of the psychological impact of design. They believe that the spaces we inhabit should be safe, welcoming, and reflective of our identity. Whether public or private, these spaces exert a powerful influence on our psyche and state of mind. Their commitment to harmony in the environment and a deep understanding of materials is the hallmark of their architectural practice.

Through their academic journey, Lisa and Flavia have honed their skills in various facets of architecture, including interior design, garden design, and landscape architecture, offering a diverse range of services to their clients.

Today, they are recognized as thoughtful and attentive designers, dedicated to forging strong connections with their customers. They understand that growth is an ongoing process, and they are committed to growing with and for you.

Lisa Gentile CEO of PHASEZERO

Lisa Gentile

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Architectural designer & CEO

Flavia Andolfi Interior designer

Flavia Andolfi

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Interior designer & visual 

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