A long story short!

Lisa and Flavia met at the Artistic High School, in Naples, where Art and Architecture defined the future of both.Technical drawings, academic projects, churches of the city, visited and photographed, many places crossed together dreaming of becoming creative and collaborative.

Lisa graduated in Architecture at the IUAV in Venice, Flavia in Interior Design at the IED in Rome.

The summers of the university years spent on the Amalfi Coast made this project possible even before it existed "physically". From long walks and intense chats, our great and sweet project has born: PHASEZERO.

PHASEZERO it is, in fact, the child of the desire to want to “make architecture” from beginning to end, realizing our projects starting from their point Zero. Architectural reflections have defined our ideological approach: sustainable, close to customers, attentive to detail.

PHASEZERO designs homes, spaces, creates environments and aims to go beyond the structural limit of architecture, we dream of an architecture that accompanies and improves the life of its users.

The psychological imprint of our projects is very important to us. We believe that the environment we live in must be a safe, welcoming, identifying place. Both public and private spaces are characterized by their strong impact on our psyche and our state of mind. The harmony of the environments and the study of materials play a fundamental role in good architectural practice.

Over time, the academic experience has led us to enrich our skills in different sectors of the world of architecture: interior design, garden design, landscape architecture, are further fields of study and practice that we offer as service to our customers.

Long architectural reflections define us today as attentive designers and close to our customers, aware that growth is constant, we want to continue to do it with and for you.



28th May @3PM, Online Event

A relaxed meetup to discuss about your projects, give and ask for tips to other homeowners at different stages of their journey.