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Theydon Bois, Essex

2004-interior detailed plan
2004 - bathroom in loft conversion
2004 - kitchen patagonia marble
2004 - living room sofa
2004 - rear extension brick
2004 - living room fireplace
2004-detailed section

Interior Elegance Unveiled: Bespoke Splendor in a Renovation


Nestled in the midst of a serene green belt area, this ambitious residential project stands as a testament to innovative architecture and interior design. The undertaking encompassed a double-storey rear extension, loft conversion, and a highly detailed interior design. It adeptly tackled the unique challenges imposed by the stringent green belt regulations, preserving the natural beauty of the surroundings while providing modern, comfortable living spaces.


The primary challenge in this endeavor was navigating the strict green belt regulations, which place restrictions on extending or altering properties in such areas. These regulations necessitated a delicate balance between preserving the environment and creating a functional, contemporary living space.

The double-storey rear extension was a pivotal aspect of this project, significantly expanding the living area. It seamlessly blended with the existing structure, featuring large windows to invite ample natural light and frame picturesque views. These windows offered a visual connection to the lush green surroundings, creating a sense of being outdoors while indoors.

The loft conversion added valuable living space, transforming the previously unused attic into a functional and cozy area. This new space was designed to accommodate the main bedroom and master bathroom.

The interior design of the property was exceptionally detailed, emphasizing a fusion of modern aesthetics and functionality. The centerpiece of the interior design was the bespoke kitchen. Each cupboard was individually designed to maximize storage efficiency and ensure the kitchen was a masterpiece of both form and function. High doors, standing at 2.4 meters on the ground floor, were employed to create an illusion of heightened space and maintain clean, minimalist lines, accentuating the contemporary design elements.

One of the standout features was the proposal for a prefabricated wine cellar, cleverly accessible from the living room. This bespoke addition catered to the homeowner's passion for wine, providing a controlled environment for storing and displaying their collection. It added an element of luxury and sophistication to the living space while offering a unique focal point for gatherings and entertaining.


In conclusion, this project brilliantly showcased the successful marriage of innovative architecture, interior design, and respect for nature. The team offered modern comforts and bespoke design elements, including a stunning kitchen and a wine cellar for connoisseurs.

2004-kitchen design
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