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2211 - wood house

Barcellona, Spain

An upcoming interior design project that embodies the vision of a multi-disciplinary artist. This project focuses on creating a spacious, light-filled wooden house that seamlessly integrates living, working, and showcasing a vast book collection. 

Discover our exceptional project that transformed a historic Victorian building in Southwark into a remarkable property investment. We successfully obtained planning permission, navigated the complexities of building control, and meticulously managed the journey from tender package to construction. 

2301 - front view passive house

Embark on a transformative journey through time and nature with our sustainable project! We are restoring a conservation area, nestled within a green belt, by constructing two cutting-edge passive houses. These eco-friendly homes aim to achieve net-zero carbon emissions and rely almost entirely on renewable energy and water sources

Unlock the full potential of your Central Greenwich property with our expertly designed upward and side extension. Overcoming unique challenges imposed by its industrial history and surrounded by residential and commercial neighbors, this project ensures a seamless blend of modern luxury and neighborhood harmony.


Immerse yourself in the enchanting history of Earls Court as we embark on a journey to restore the exquisite windows of a historically significant building within the conservation area.

Mediterranean architecture

Experience the serene charm of Mediterranean design in this exquisite interior project that seamlessly connects two main spaces within a house. The night/kitchen area, featuring a quadrangular layout with central services, flows effortlessly into the living/terrace area, creating an inside-out connection. 

This project involves the conversion of an existing property in Southbank into a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO). The client has received a request from their leaseholder to obtain planning permission and council confirmation, which are essential to proceed with the layout modifications required for the HMO conversion.

2110-proposed floorplan
Interior Design Living Room

This house is characterized by large windows that connect the interior space with the surrounding landscape.The materials chosen maintain the most relaxing shades and the continuous floor accompanies the aesthetics of the whole house with great elegance.

 The main challenge of this endeavor was harmonizing the homeowner's desire for a north-facing living room with the essential need for maximum natural light, ultimately leading to a design that captures the essence of both.

2112-proposed floorplan
2101-gold kitchen

By opening up the kitchen and introducing an island, we let natural light flood in, fostering a modern, open atmosphere. Large windows and glass doors blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living. In the living room, we added contemporary furniture and fixtures, weaving modernity, light, and space into every corner."

In the heart of Bromley, our innovative housing project transformed a single house into two modern flats, complying with the council's minimum square meterage requirements. Through a strategic loft conversion, we maximized space utilization and provided comfortable, contemporary living solutions for residents.

2005-planning floorplan
interior design residential

Step into a world of luminous sophistication where natural light dances on mahogany wood, limestone, and chrome-plated aluminum accents with a gold-like finish. This interior design project reimagines the conventional concept of white walls, opting instead for mirrors and curtains that enhance the warm tones of the local materials.

Transform your property into a lucrative multi-occupancy rental with our "Modern Open Space Lounge and Kitchen Extension Project." We've helped homeowners increase their rental income by creating contemporary and spacious communal areas that tenants love. 

2108-detailed plan
2105 - modern rear extension

Explore our modern marvel – a orange extension featuring sleek black aluminum cornices that accentuate the timeless brick wall.  The highlight, however, is the captivating mosaic decor on the rear elevation, which balances the view and elevates the aesthetics of this terrace house.

Embark on a journey to restore and enhance a cherished piece of history in our community. Our project, "Heritage Revival," involves the meticulous replacement of windows and thoughtfully crafted internal modifications within a listed building nestled in a conservation area

living room fireplace

This project involved a comprehensive transformation of a property situated in a green belt area, featuring a double-storey rear extension, loft conversion, and meticulously detailed interior design. The project achieved a harmonious blend of modern living spaces and the surrounding natural environment. 

Transform your Greenwich top-floor flat with a loft conversion that not only adds space and value but also adheres to stringent fire regulations. Learn how to navigate the complexities of fire safety, escape routes, alarms, and compartimentalization in a flat setting.

2202 - maritime reception

Our office space planning project, "Coastal Harmony," harmoniously blends the use of natural materials native to the area, including stone, wood, and clay, throughout the space. These elements seamlessly integrate into the flooring, walls, and furniture, creating an organic and inviting atmosphere. 

Explore our project in Greenwich, where we converted a garage into a functional bedroom. Discover how this innovative transformation posed unique challenges in a densely populated area, where increasing parking needs demanded careful consideration.

minimalist store

Discover the seamless blend of industrial aesthetics and practicality at Plain Store, the urban clothing destination. Our interior design project prioritizes essentiality, incorporating iron and aluminum elements to create a sleek, uncluttered look. 

We transformed a two-bedroom, two-bathroom flat in Rome, Italy, into a modern sanctuary. Overcoming construction challenges, we centralized plumbing for efficiency, sourced premium materials, and maximized discounts, delivering a stylish, cost-efficient, and quality-focused interior design solution.

interior design floor plan
dog seat on front elevation

Join a young guy in Bromley as he transforms a guest house into his primary home, balancing the need for dinner gatherings, a small office, and all the essentials in a compact studio. Witness how smart furniture ingeniously optimizes the space.

Experience the revival of a listed building in a conservation area! Our client, the owner of one of the flats, aims to reunify the flats into a 4-bedroom masterpiece. With a chic interior as the canvas, we've navigated building consent, planning applications, and fire safety to restore elegance in this historic gem.

listed building consent
internal shop colour palette

Our enchanting project in Sorrento, where fashion and tranquility unite. Through elegant wallpaper and soft colors, we've created a trendy, yet relaxing atmosphere. Custom shelving, artful lighting, and comfortable seating make shopping an immersive experience. Sorrento's Trendy Boutique is the perfect fusion of fashion and serenity.

Discover how a rear extension transformed an ordinary home into an extraordinary living space with a unique pivot window and side glazing. This project creates an inviting niche for a seating area with a built-in library, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor living.


Old Coulsdon, Croydon

Step back in time and experience the allure of the past with our innovative project that combines the historical charm of bedroom baths with contemporary design.  Rediscover the romance of a bygone era while embracing the convenience and elegance of today's housing design.

In Buckinghamshire, an exquisite rear extension has been added to a recently developed house. . One unique challenge was the height restriction imposed by a low first-floor window, which required sourcing special roof tiles for an elegant roof with a gentle slope, ensuring that the extension seamlessly integrates with the existing structure.

2001 - mezzanine interior big window

Step into a world of opulence and innovation with our Tiny House project, featuring a stunning Victorian window that spans the entire 7-meter living room. This unique space offers a double-height interior, bathing the room in an abundance of natural light. 

A gym outbuilding with a shower and toilet that required building control approval. We worked with precision to meet financing requirements, including demonstrating a cement substructure, and ensured fire resistance due to its proximity to the boundary line.

2102-detailed floor plan
minimal interior design

Wandsworth, Merton

Our expert team ensures every detail is meticulously considered, from the design concept to the final placement. By entrusting us with this transformative project, clients not only achieve exquisite results but also benefit from our supplier discounts and professional expertise, guaranteeing savings and an extraordinary interior.

Join us on a journey as we transform a first-time buyer's new home into a haven of comfort and style, all on a tight budget. This project showcases the innovative approach of completing an extension and internal renovation in stages while accommodating the homeowners' need to reside in the house during construction.

building control floor plan
interior design layout

Transform a shared bedroom into a peaceful and functional sanctuary for a brother and sister with a unique twist – a dome that combines privacy and shared space. This interior design project blends personal style and individual needs while fostering a strong sibling bond.

Discover the inspiring journey of a homeowner in Iver who faced setbacks when attempting a DIY building control application for their rear extension project. Learn about the challenges they encountered due to missing documents and how they ultimately overcame them, achieving a successful and stunning extension. 

2103-flat roof detail

Scala, Italy

Project management - NDA

Discover how we turned a compact studio flat into a versatile and efficient living space. Our innovative interior layout solutions will inspire you to make the most of small spaces.

interior layout studio flat

Join us in our mission to preserve the charm of a Victorian house while embracing the future of renewable energy. Our project aims to install state-of-the-art solar panels and a heat pump system to power and heat a beautifully restored Victorian home located in the Blackheath Conservation Area. 

solar panel

We are thrilled to announce the re-submission of a previously expired planning application for a cherished listed building located within a protected conservation area. Our commitment to preserving historical architectural gems remains steadfast, and we have diligently updated our proposal to adhere to the latest regulations that have emerged in the past three years

expired planning

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