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Skylight Extension








Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

2006-extension floorplan
building control section
roof detail
foundation detail

Buckinghamshire Brilliance: A Skylight-Adorned Rear Extension Redefining Elegance

Nestled within the charming landscapes of Buckinghamshire, an alluring transformation has taken place on a newly developed house—a rear extension that encapsulates both aesthetics and innovation. This extension showcases a remarkable design choice: openable skylights. These skylights, strategically placed, serve as not just portals to the skies, but as dynamic elements that usher in an abundance of natural light, while also offering the luxury of ventilation, a marriage of form and function.


However, the creation of this rear extension was not without its unique challenges. The primary constraint was imposed by the pre-existing first-floor window, which stood at a low height. This required a meticulous architectural solution to seamlessly integrate the extension with the existing structure. To meet this challenge, a design was conceptualized that featured a gently sloping roof, setting the scene for the openable skylights.


The execution of this vision necessitated the sourcing of specialized roofing materials—roof tiles engineered for an incline of less than 10 degrees, a key element in achieving the desired aesthetic. These specially selected tiles not only supported the unique roof structure but also played a significant role in harmonizing the extension with the original house design.


In conclusion, this Buckinghamshire extension is a testament to innovative design and problem-solving, where openable skylights and specialized roof tiles have been brought together to create a space that is both practical and visually captivating, adding significant value to the newly developed house while preserving its architectural integrity.

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