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Mitcham, Morden

2102-detailed floor plan
section buidling regulation
flat roof detail

Permitted Development Gym Outbuilding with Added Amenities

Our project, "Permitted Development Gym Outbuilding with Added Amenities," showcases a remarkable example of architectural ingenuity and construction expertise. Situated within the confines of permitted development, this outbuilding was designed to serve as a gym while also incorporating essential facilities such as a shower and a toilet.


In many cases, small outbuildings below 15 square meters can be constructed without the need for building control approval. However, our unique design requirements led us to work closely with local authorities to obtain the necessary permits. We approached this project with utmost care and professionalism, striving to meet the client's objectives while adhering to regulatory guidelines.


One of the key requirements from the project's outset was to secure financing for the construction. The client needed funding from a financial institution to bring this vision to life. The bank, as part of their due diligence, requested comprehensive technical drawings and documentation to evaluate the proposed structure thoroughly.


One of the critical aspects that came under scrutiny was the substructure. The bank was particularly interested in ensuring that it was constructed in cement rather than timber. This was not only a financial prerequisite but also a safety concern. We worked diligently to provide detailed technical drawings and specifications that clearly demonstrated the use of cement for the substructure, offering transparency and assurance to the bank.


Another regulatory aspect that added complexity to this project was the proximity of the outbuilding to the boundary line. Building control requirements mandated that the structure be designed and constructed to be resistant to fire. Ensuring compliance with these regulations was paramount, and we engaged with building control authorities to develop and execute the appropriate fire-resistant construction methods.


In summary, the "Permitted Development Gym Outbuilding with Added Amenities" project is a testament to our ability to navigate complex regulatory landscapes, meet unique design challenges, and collaborate with various stakeholders to bring a client's vision to life. This multifunctional outbuilding now stands as a symbol of innovation, demonstrating that even within the confines of permitted development, ambitious designs can be realized with due diligence and expertise.

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