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Thornton Health, Croydon

2101-interior design floor plan
empire style kitchen
arab kitchen
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Harmony of Light and Space: Neha's Contemporary Home Transformation

In our project, we embarked on a journey to revamp our client Neha's existing house, with a singular focus on creating a more open and inviting living space. Neha had a precise vision: she wished to unveil a kitchen that would act as the heart of her home, and to do so, we opened up the kitchen area and introduced an inviting island complete with a stylish bar space. This design maneuver had a dual purpose - it ushered in an abundance of natural light, creating a modern and open ambiance, while also promoting a sense of togetherness in the home.


When creating an indoor-outdoor living space, one of the pivotal considerations is the incorporation of natural light into the design. We seamlessly integrated large windows and sliding glass doors, skillfully harnessing natural light to wash over the interiors. This design choice not only illuminated the space but also fostered a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor areas, blending the boundaries between the two.


Neha's vision extended further, encompassing the idea of a living space that flowed effortlessly from indoors to the outdoors. This led to the conception of a new patio or deck area, positioned just beyond the kitchen, and accessible through large, inviting glass doors. The new outdoor space became a natural extension of the interior, resulting in a harmonious and seamless connection between the two.


As the final piece of the puzzle, we turned our attention to the living room. Neha sought a contemporary transformation, and we delivered by updating the design with fresh furniture, new lighting fixtures, and a color scheme that perfectly complemented the open atmosphere of the kitchen and the adjoining outdoor area.


"Harmony of Light and Space" is not just a renovation; it's a journey through the art of design. It embodies the essence of modern living with its abundance of natural light and harmonious spaces, created to fulfill our client's vision while incorporating our design expertise.

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