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Restoring Elegance








Bermonsdey, Southwark

2205-front elevation
2205-rear elevation

Historic Revival: Restoring Elegance in a Conservation Area - A Listed Building Re-conversion Project

In the heart of a picturesque conservation area, nestled within the rich tapestry of architectural heritage, an ambitious project is underway. A passionate homeowner, proud owner of one of the flats in a historically significant listed building, envisions a grand revival. The goal? To rekindle the original splendor of a 4-bedroom residence from two separate flats. The interior, a testament to the owner's impeccable taste and chic design sensibilities, was a fantastic starting point for this ambitious transformation.


With unwavering commitment and the support of experienced professionals, we've embarked on a journey to merge these flats into one, restoring this unique property to its former glory. However, such a project in a conservation area is no small feat. The intricacies of maintaining heritage integrity while ensuring safety and functionality require careful consideration. Our team has meticulously guided the client through the intricate application for building consent, collaborating closely with authorities to secure necessary approvals for minor changes.


Additionally, this project encompasses a comprehensive planning application to unify the flats into a single cohesive living space, blending modern comfort with historical charm. With utmost dedication to fire safety, we've ensured that the final design adheres to the highest safety standards, making this restored residence not only elegant but also a secure haven for the client's family.


Join us in witnessing the transformation of this exceptional listed building, as it re-emerges as a symbol of heritage preservation and modern luxury, all within the unique ambiance of a cherished conservation area.

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