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Housing Trasformation








Chislehurst, Bromley

2005-planning floorplan
masterplan flat conversion
planning elevation

Our Bromley Housing Transformation Project - Creating Modern Living Spaces


Nestled within the picturesque borough of Bromley, our ambitious housing project aimed to address the growing demand for quality residential spaces while adhering to the stringent minimum square meterage criteria set by the local council. By ingeniously converting a single house into two separate, fully-equipped flats and employing a strategic loft conversion, our team redefined the concept of urban living.


Project Details:


1. Space Optimization: We approached this project with a focus on optimizing space. The original house was generously proportioned but underutilized. Through meticulous planning and architectural expertise, we reconfigured the interior layout to create two self-contained flats, each with its own entrance and distinct living areas.


2. Loft Conversion: One of the key features of this project was the loft conversion. By transforming the unused attic space into habitable areas, we not only met the council's minimum square meterage requirements but also added valuable square footage to each flat. This innovative approach allowed us to provide ample living space while preserving the architectural integrity of the property.


3. Modern Amenities: Both flats were equipped with modern amenities, including updated kitchens, bathrooms, and energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. We used high-quality materials and finishes to ensure a contemporary, stylish look and feel, creating spaces that catered to the demands of today's discerning residents.

4. Compliance: Our team worked closely with the local council to ensure that every aspect of the project adhered to their guidelines and regulations. We obtained all necessary permits and certificates to guarantee the legal compliance of the flats, providing residents with peace of mind.


5. Community Impact: By transforming a single house into two flats, we not only addressed the growing housing needs in Bromley but also contributed to the community by enhancing the overall housing stock and maintaining the neighborhood's character.


Our Bromley Housing Transformation Project is a testament to our commitment to creating innovative and functional living spaces that meet the evolving needs of urban communities. It demonstrates our ability to think creatively and pragmatically to achieve the goals set by local authorities while delivering comfortable, contemporary, and environmentally conscious housing solutions for our residents.

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