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Victorian Miniature








Hampstead Heath, Hampstead

2001 - mezzanine interior big window
2001 - patagonia marble dining room
double storey living room mezzanine

Victorian Elegance in Miniature: Luxurious Tiny House with Double-Height Living Room

Introducing our visionary architectural masterpiece, the "Victorian Elegance in Miniature: Luxurious Tiny House with Double-Height Living Room." This project stands as a testament to the limitless possibilities of small living, offering an extraordinary blend of vintage charm, modern convenience, and architectural innovation.


At the heart of this Tiny House is the breathtaking Victorian window that graces the entire 7-meter living room. This grand, 19th-century-inspired feature infuses the interior with an abundance of natural light, transforming the space into a vibrant and inviting oasis. The double-height living room not only creates a unique and spacious ambiance but also serves as a canvas for showcasing the finest craftsmanship and bespoke design.


Every detail of this Tiny House has been meticulously considered, from the selection of luxurious materials to the creation of bespoke furniture. The project embodies a commitment to excellence, featuring sumptuous materials such as marble countertops, hand-crafted hardwood floors, and intricately designed moldings reminiscent of the Victorian era. The bespoke furniture pieces are not just functional but works of art, seamlessly blending form and function.


The living room, with its soaring height and abundant natural light, becomes a versatile space suitable for relaxation, entertainment, and creative endeavors. Whether you are curled up with a book, hosting a gathering of friends, or pursuing your artistic passions, this space adapts to your needs, enhancing your quality of life in a tiny footprint.


In addition to the magnificent living room, the Tiny House includes a well-appointed kitchen, a cozy sleeping nook, and a meticulously designed bathroom, ensuring that every inch of the space is both beautiful and functional. With energy-efficient systems and smart design solutions, this Tiny House is a sustainable and eco-friendly dwelling.

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