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Modern Balance


Ann Marie






New Malden, Kingston Upon Thames

2105-planning floorplan
modern mosaic extension
modern planning permission

Contemporary Orange Extension: A Stunning Fusion of Modern Design and Architectural Balance


At the heart of this extension lies a striking contrast: a vibrant orange facade against a backdrop of classic brickwork. The use of black aluminum cornices along the cornice line serves as an elegant highlight, enhancing the brick wall's texture and giving the entire structure a distinctive, contemporary edge.


The ingenuity of this design becomes evident when you cast your eyes skyward. The roof is a marvel of transparency, featuring a fully glazed surface that brings the outdoors inside. Skylights are strategically incorporated, with an eastern inclination to capture the morning sun's gentle rays, and a flat roof section that allows the stars to illuminate the space at night. This infusion of natural light not only creates an airy and inviting interior but also reduces the need for artificial lighting.


The crowning jewel of this project, however, is the enchanting mosaic embellishment on the rear elevation. This artwork is not merely decorative; it serves to balance the visual composition of the terrace house. Given the existing double-storey extension on the opposite side, the initial view was somewhat unbalanced. To rectify this, the design team ingeniously introduced a triangular mosaic pattern on the rear elevation, which harmonizes the overall aesthetic, adding depth and dimension to the structure.


In summary, our "Contemporary Orange Extension" represents a striking example of modern architecture that effortlessly blends bold design with a commitment to equilibrium. It's a testament to how architectural ingenuity can not only expand living spaces but also elevate the visual and spatial experience of a home.

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