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Luminous Heaven








Barcellona, Spain

open plan
2211 - 2 wood house
2211 - concrete stairs
2211 - windows
2211 - concrete and wood

Wood House: A Luminous Haven for a Multifaceted Artist


"Wood House" is an ambitious interior design project that unfolds the aspirations of a multi-disciplinary artist with unique requirements. This envisioned wooden dwelling stands as an epitome of artistry, offering a sanctuary that harmoniously blends creativity, functionality, and an unparalleled connection to nature.


At its core, the project prioritizes the creation of a diaphanous space that transcends traditional boundaries, offering the artist a holistic environment that encompasses living, working, and reflecting their passion for literature. A prominent feature of this design is the integration of an office within the house, where the artist can delve into their creative pursuits, seamlessly transitioning from one facet of their work to another.


The heart of "Wood House" is an expansive library, designed to accommodate the artist's extensive collection of books. This library becomes a central feature, providing a rich, intellectual backdrop and fostering a genuine appreciation for the written word.


The choice of materials is pivotal to the project's essence. Microcement, wood, and iron take center stage, reflecting a perfect blend of contemporary sophistication and rustic charm. These materials not only embody the natural beauty of wood but also exude a timeless quality that marries form and function.


One unique aspect of this design is the deliberate absence of traditional doors, instead employing wooden planks and thick cotton curtains to facilitate a seamless connection between spaces. This innovative approach serves to open up the house, both literally and figuratively, fostering a sense of fluidity and unity throughout the living spaces.


"Wood House" is a visionary exploration of the synergy between art, architecture, and the natural world. As the project materializes, it promises to provide its inhabitant with a serene haven that transcends conventional living spaces, inspiring creativity and introspection within a luminous, wooden embrace.

2211 - wood library
2210 - yoga space
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