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Vettica, Italy

2208-front view
2208-back view

Harmonious Siblings' Sanctuary: A Shared Dome Bedroom Design


In the heart of this exciting interior design project lies the challenge of creating a space that balances the need for privacy and individuality with the warmth of shared experiences. "Harmonious Siblings' Sanctuary: A Shared Dome Bedroom Design" is a creative solution that takes the concept of a shared bedroom to new heights, offering a unique and visually captivating experience for both a brother and sister.


The central element of this bedroom is the stunning dome structure that serves as the shared area. Beneath this dome, we've crafted a cozy lounge space equipped with comfortable seating, study nooks, and storage solutions, encouraging the siblings to bond while working on school projects, reading, or simply enjoying each other's company.


To ensure privacy and individuality, each side of the dome is designed to reflect the distinct personalities and preferences of the brother and sister. The design seamlessly divides the space into two private realms. For the brother, one side of the dome takes on a dynamic and adventurous theme, featuring elements like sports-themed decor, vibrant colors, and a personalized desk area for homework and hobbies. On the sister's side, a serene and elegant ambiance is created with soft pastels, elegant furnishings, and an inspiring study corner that caters to her creative and academic pursuits.


The shared dome bedroom is also equipped with ingenious storage solutions, including under-bed storage, built-in shelves, and spacious wardrobes, ensuring that personal belongings and clutter are neatly concealed. The design concept not only celebrates individuality but also encourages the development of organizational skills.


This project harmoniously combines the aspirations of a brother and sister, providing a serene, imaginative, and functional living space. "Harmonious Siblings' Sanctuary" transforms the challenges of shared living into an opportunity to celebrate the uniqueness of each sibling, fostering a deep connection while ensuring privacy and personal space. It's a testament to the art of interior design, where creativity and functionality meet the needs of those who call it home.

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