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Portici, Italy

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Industrial Elegance: Transforming Space and Storage at Plain Store

Step into a world where industrial elegance meets pragmatic design at Plain Store, a contemporary urban clothing boutique. Our interior design project for Plain Store is a celebration of minimalism and functionality, beautifully executed through the use of industrial materials like iron and aluminum. The client's primary objective was to ensure ample storage space for their clothing collection while preserving the store's open and unchaotic ambiance.


In response to this challenge, we crafted a unique solution by designing a continuous, 60cm high piece of furniture that gracefully spans the entirety of the store's perimeter. This multifunctional structure serves as both a display and storage unit, providing a cohesive and elegant storage solution that seamlessly integrates with the store's aesthetics.


What makes this design truly remarkable is the use of stucco, a versatile finishing material that not only adds a textural depth to the space but also serves as a visual illusion. The stucco finish blurs the vanishing lines between the furniture and the walls, creating an optical illusion that transforms the utilitarian storage unit into an organic part of the store's architecture. The result is an unbroken, harmonious flow that maximizes storage capacity while maintaining the store's essential, uncluttered look.


The 'Industrial Elegance' concept at Plain Store redefines the shopping experience, providing customers with a functional, aesthetically pleasing space that elevates the presentation of clothing while offering efficient storage solutions. The fusion of industrial elements and creative design techniques results in an interior that strikes the perfect balance between fashion-forward and practicality, making Plain Store a haven for those who appreciate both style and function.

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