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Borough, Southwark

2110-proposed floorplan
2110-existing floorplan

Southbank HMO Conversion Project: Securing Planning Permission and Council Confirmation

The "Southbank HMO Conversion Project: Securing Planning Permission and Council Confirmation" is a crucial undertaking that aims to transform an existing property in the vibrant Southbank council into a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO). HMOs play a pivotal role in providing accessible and affordable housing solutions, making this project not only beneficial to our client but also contributing to the housing landscape in the area.


However, before embarking on the layout modifications and renovation necessary for the HMO conversion, our client faces a significant hurdle: obtaining the required planning permission and council confirmation. The leaseholder of the property has requested our client to secure these essential permissions to ensure that all work on the property complies with local regulations and zoning laws.


The project involves a comprehensive approach to navigate the regulatory and administrative complexities associated with obtaining planning permission and council confirmation. This process encompasses rigorous adherence to zoning and building regulations, public consultations, and satisfying the council's criteria for HMOs.


Our team of experienced professionals will collaborate with architects, urban planners, and legal experts to create a comprehensive plan that aligns with the Southbank's development policies while addressing the specific needs and objectives of our client.


Ultimately, the "Southbank HMO Conversion Project" seeks to achieve two vital objectives: securing planning permission and council confirmation for our client, allowing them to proceed with the HMO conversion, and contributing positively to the housing landscape in Southbank by providing affordable and accessible housing options. We are committed to guiding our client through the bureaucratic process, ensuring compliance with all regulations, and delivering a successful HMO conversion project that benefits both our client and the Southbank community.

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