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Woodland Grove, Greenwich

complex project
complex volumes

Central Greenwich Property Transformation: Upward and Side Extension


Embark on a remarkable property transformation journey in the heart of Central Greenwich with our bespoke Upward and Side Extension project. The property, having changed its use from industrial back in 2003, faced the challenge of not being eligible for permitted development rights for upward expansion. This presented a distinctive set of hurdles that demanded creative architectural solutions.


The site's location, encircled by a mix of residential and commercial plots on three sides, added another layer of complexity. It was imperative to balance the aspiration for an extended and enriched living space with the preservation of neighboring properties' rights to light and privacy. Our dedicated team, well-versed in navigating such intricate scenarios, meticulously addressed these challenges.


The result is a property enhancement that seamlessly integrates with the existing architectural landscape while providing spacious, contemporary living areas. In collaboration with local authorities, we have designed an upward extension that complies with planning regulations and respects the unique history of the site. Furthermore, the side extension complements the existing structure, ensuring a harmonious coexistence with neighboring properties.


The "Central Greenwich Property Transformation: Upward and Side Extension" promises to breathe new life into your home while respecting the heritage and privacy of the surrounding community. This project stands as a testament to our commitment to innovative design, expert execution, and neighborly considerations, creating a luxurious living space that's at one with its urban environment.

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