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Bespoke Lighting To Suit Your Style

Bespoke Lighting To Suit Your Style

Investing in bespoke lighting brings a unique touch to your living space, elevating its style through custom designs tailored to your vision. Whether your taste leans towards traditional or contemporary, providing your designer with sketches or concepts ensures a perfect match for your designated space.

Embracing six foundational styles, bespoke lighting designs offer a spectrum of options:

1. Dished:

A modern twist on chandeliers, the dished design features a cluster of 3 to 50 pendant lights forming a cohesive bowl shape. Ideal for low-level ceilings, it requires minimal drop, providing a contemporary focal point.

2. Staggered:

Similar to the dished design, staggered lighting allows for customization in the number of pendant lights, each hanging at different heights. Perfect for stairwells, it creates a dramatic effect with ample drop space.

3. Pendant Bar:

Pendant lights attached in a row to a bar or ceiling plate, wired as a single unit. Options include a uniform row of lights at the same height or a dynamic staggered arrangement, offering versatility and visual appeal.

4. Swag:

Embracing a contemporary approach, swag lighting involves lights hanging from an extended cable at a desired height. Historically popular in rooms lacking central ceiling roses, it adds a modern twist to your lighting ensemble.

5. Staged:

Similar to staggered lighting, staged lighting features pendant lights arranged in varying heights from a ceiling plate. Perfect for central feature lighting, it offers a dynamic and visually striking arrangement.

With an array of lighting styles available, collaborating with a skilled craftsman ensures the creation of bespoke lighting that transforms the ambiance and visual appeal of your room. Share your vision, and witness the illumination of your space in a way that is uniquely yours.

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