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Chose Window: Aluminium Windows vs uPVC Windows

Chose Window

Windows serve as the boundary between our personal sanctuaries and the outside world, chose between aluminium and uPVC windows a crucial decision for homeowners. Exploring five key aspects—quality, price, maintenance, aesthetics, and energy efficiency—will shed light on the strengths and weaknesses of each type.

1. Quality:

Both uPVC and aluminium boast durability, but aluminium tips the scale towards longevity. Its robust structure ensures a prolonged lifespan of up to 45 years, and resistance to rust adds an extra layer of durability.

2. Price:

Affordability leans towards uPVC, with window costs ranging from £300 to £800 per unit. In contrast, the sleekness and sturdiness of aluminium windows come at a higher price, ranging from £643 to £1,650, reflecting elevated manufacturing and installation costs.

3. Maintenance:

A draw in this category, both uPVC and aluminium windows demand minimal upkeep. Regular wiping with a cloth is sufficient to keep them looking pristine.

4. Aesthetics:

Subjective preferences play a significant role in this aspect. Aluminium windows introduce a modern, minimalist aesthetic with thin sightlines. Conversely, uPVC windows offer versatility, seamlessly adapting to a diverse range of house styles.

5. Energy Efficiency:

Both contenders excel in thermal insulation, effectively preserving warmth within homes. Their shared reputation for energy efficiency ensures prolonged comfort during colder periods.

While both aluminium and uPVC windows present a spectrum of advantages and drawbacks, the reigning popularity of uPVC among British homeowners persists due to its favorable price-quality equilibrium. However, for those seeking a modern and enduring alternative, aluminium windows stand out, albeit at a higher cost.

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