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Choosing A Conservatory That Suits Your Property's Style

Conservatory Style

Investing in a conservatory is a transformative addition to your property, providing both extra space and increased value. With a plethora of styles available, choosing the one that seamlessly complements your home can be both exciting and challenging. Let's explore the intricacies of the seven distinctive conservatory styles:

Lean-To or Sun Room:

A minimalist and stylish choice, ideal for properties with limited space or bungalows.


Featuring three or five bell-shaped curves, the Victorian conservatory suits traditional and older properties effortlessly.


A unique hybrid of brick and glass, Orangeries stand out with solid roofs, giving the feel of an extension rather than a conventional conservatory.

Off the Wall:

Similar to Orangeries, these brick and glass extensions seamlessly integrate with your property's existing walls.


Ideal for older, traditional properties, Edwardian conservatories boast a four-sided roof, straight lines, and a flat front, maximizing floor space.

Gable or Pavilion:

Offering ample headroom and a grand appearance, these conservatories share design similarities with the Edwardian style.

Tiles Sunroom:

With panoramic views and a tiled roof, Tiles Sunrooms are an all-window option, allowing flexibility to extend current living spaces or create entirely new rooms with the inclusion of bi-folding doors.

Each conservatory is tailor-made, ensuring uniqueness in design. The diverse range accommodates various property styles, leaving the final decision to be guided by your taste, preferences, and available space.

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