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6 Pointers for your Extension Planning Application

Extension Application

Navigating the planning requirements for a house extension application can be daunting. Entrusting this aspect to a seasoned Designer is a wise move, given their familiarity with the approval process. Here are six additional strategies to ensure a swift planning permission approval, accelerating the commencement of your London project:

1. Know Your Guidelines: Dive into the intricacies of your local authority's planning application guidelines. Small variations exist, covering aspects like privacy, finishing materials, tree preservation, and impact on the road system. These "material planning considerations" play a pivotal role.

2. Impeccable Design Presentation: Beyond expressing your vision clearly, ensure that your planning drawings are to scale. Strive for an aesthetic that harmonizes with the environment, maintaining character and avoiding a jarring presence in the landscape.

3. Neighborly Notification: Courtesy matters. Informing neighbors about your extension or new build not only acknowledges potential disruptions but also earns favor with planning officials. Written notifications are essential, particularly for projects impacting height or overlooking neighboring properties.

4. Engage Technical Expertise: Connect with essential technical services like tree surveyors or flood risk assessment experts. Proactively involving these organizations, integral to your project, reflects thorough planning.

5. Familiarize with Planning Officers: Establish a rapport with your planning officer. Seeking advice and showing a commitment to correct procedures can be beneficial. If you have a designer, they often handle these interactions on your behalf.

6. Collaborate with a Designer: Elevate your project with professional guidance. Engage a designer to review and implement your plans. Benefit from their expertise to save on fees and alleviate stress. Initial consultations with designers are typically complimentary, offering valuable insights.

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