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Materials for Your New Kitchen Extension Worktops

Kitchen Extension
Kitchen Extension

Contemplating an open-plan kitchen extension in London? This transformative addition not only introduces a wealth of space but also illuminates previously dim and cramped kitchens. Your Designer becomes a crucial guide, offering insights into size, structure, and proportions, including recommendations for attractive and practical kitchen worktop surfaces within your budget. Here's a breakdown of popular materials for London home extension worktops:

1. Marble: Once a kitchen classic, marble's charm has waned due to its susceptibility to stains and etching, making maintenance challenging. This material has been overshadowed by more practical alternatives.

2. Ceramic: Modern and versatile, ceramic tile worktops offer an array of colors and textures to complement your kitchen decor. Heat and water resistance are notable, but grout stains and tile scratching are drawbacks.

3. Wood: Ideal for rustic kitchens, wooden worktops, like oak, beech, maple, wenge, or bamboo, add character. Regular upkeep, including oiling, is necessary, and they lack heat and water resistance. Despite this, wood ages gracefully.

4. Glass: Sleek and contemporary, glass provides a stylish look with heat and water resistance, ensuring hygiene. However, it is vulnerable to acidic foods and potential cracking from heavy pots.

5. Steel: Suited for kitchens with intensive cooking, stainless steel worktops boast resistance to heat, water, and stains, offering easy cleaning. However, they are prone to scratching and may accumulate dents over time.

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